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If you are worried about the safety of your goods, get connected with us to have peace of mind while transportation of your cargo. TNS express is a popular name in the logistics and cargo services to offer on demand transportation and shipping services.We provide a damage free, cost efficient and responsive service. All our logistic work is operated with a fully integrated transport management system. Though it is very cliche type mode of transportation, yet it most important of all other modes.The company has its own vehicles with latest technology that helps in offering reliable roadways services with seamless connectivity through a dedicated fleet of vehicles. All the containers used for the transit of cargo through roadways are tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, so that your cargo may reach to its destination safely.


If you require a reliable but fastest mode of transport, you can trust upon TNS Express without any consideration. In comparison with other logistic companies, you will find TNS much reliable and dedicated towards any corner of service. We have an excellent and dedicated team trained specially for the delivery of your goods through air cargo. We have maintained good relations with all the airlines for the transportation of cargo through air. All the air cargo operations are done round-the-clock ensuring the safe delivery on time. The cost of air freight depends on the weight of your shipment and distance. We believe in transparency so we quote a reasonable cost including other charges. Our team remains active 24x7 for immediate response of querries until it reaches to the fullest extent of satisfaction and security of your shipment.


It is the most economical and convenient of all the other modes of transport. We manage multiple strategic stock locations country wide, allowing us to provide our clients with a global solution to their logistic needs.Through train freight you can take an advantage to send your cargo in bulk. When using train cargo, you won't have to be worried about cost and storage limit as we have our own reserved coaches almost in all the trains, reaching to the every corner countrywide. We have arranged well equipped offices to serve this purpose specially nearby all the major stations of our country. Human resource of our company is quite dedicated and efficient enough to handle your sensitive items with utmost care. We are experts in transporting consignments from one location to other via rail transportation with no damage and harm.


Full truck load shipping is more cost-effective for shipments that can fill an entire container. Since the truck is not stopping for any other deliveries or pickups, FTL shipments arrive fast.In FTL, large shipments are placed in a single truck usually shipped to one destination.With inventory management offered by TNSExpress, you can ship your cargo and store it in their warehouses until a customer places an order. FTL service is highly recommended by TNSExpress for shipments with 10–22 pallets, as well as for fragile or high-risk cargo. Because a shipment stays in the same truck throughout the route, the risk of damage is reduced with FTL.


Your valuable goods are stored in such containers that are completely safe. These containers can easily be moved from one mode of transport to another, allowing them to move more goods in a short period of time. We allocate containers according to their priority, destination and available capacity. We offer value-added services for customized product requirements such as kitting, bundling, sorting, labeling, and packing.We have over 20 years of experience managing food items, ingredients, electronics, telecommunication equipment, lubricants, and more.We consider people as our assets and try to provide them best available services.

Services Being Provided To Other Industries

Automobile Industries

  • Binning Service
  • Direct to Line delivery
  • Documentation
  • Inventory management
  • Just In time delivery
  • MIS
  • Normal Door to Door Delivery
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Warehousing Service
  • Spare Parts Distribution

Services To Textile Industries

  • Plant To Port Service (Export Oriented)
  • Direct to Line delivery
  • Documentation
  • Inventory management
  • Just In time delivery
  • COD Services
  • DACC Service by providing bank approved LR
  • Warehousing Service
  • Guaranteed Delivery Service
  • Normal D to D Service

Services to Footwear Industries

  • Multi Location Raw Material Pick Up
  • Normal Door to Door Service
  • Guaranteed Delivery Service
  • Warehousing
  • Just In time delivery
  • Finished Goods Distribution
  • Inventory Management
  • COD Service availabilty
  • Documentation
  • Reverse Logistic

Operations Excellence

  • For the Smoother, Faster and cost effective movement we basically provide our best services through Express Train mode, which compete Air mode services
  • We Deliver approx. 1500 consignments /Day across delivery locations
  • Our Transit time starts with Next Day Delivery to maximum of 5 days across the nation except North East states.
  • Our Express movement Trucks right now covers approx. 15,000 + Kms / Day across the country
  • On time Delivery Accuracy is 90% +
  • Customized MIS is sent on daily basis to customers.
  • Our Hubs operates 24/7 in three shifts.

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